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Djibouti Airlines
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Dear All,
This website is dedicated to all somalis who are supporting the peace process and the unity of the Somaly people. Our aim is to help the spreading of ideas to develop our SOMALIA, to help somalis to find jobs and education in SOMALIA.
We have decided to call the website MYPUNTLAND.COM,  because this is the region where we live, and therefore are in a better position to help.

Nevertheless, all Somalis can participate in the development of this website. Here you can find ideas and come up with initiatives that can be applied in your own region. We should all interact and work together to create a better Somalia. We believe that open discussions based on respect  for eachother is the only way to achieve progress and a better life for our future and for our children.

This website will always be a place where " work is in progress", and we need your imput and assistance to make it useful for everybody.  If you are looking for a job, or if your company is looking to employ skilled or non skilled personnel, you can advertise  here. We do not take any commission, percentage or fee for your advertisements. In this website you will find a wide range of  information about Puntland and Somalia, either going through our pages or our links.


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